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Over a million people go kookoo buying and selling on bookoo every month! bookoo is in hundreds of local communities all around the world, all run by local volunteers.

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newest bookoos

1. Camp Arifjan, KW KW
2. Tel Aviv, IS IS
3. Geilenkirchen, DE DE
4. Shorewood, IL US
5. Lockport, IL US
6. Vista, CA US
7. Westmont, IL US
8. Byron, GA US
9. Sugar Grove, IL US

largest bookoos

1. Ramstein, DE DE
2. Okinawa, JP JP
3. Lejeune, NC US
4. Alamogordo, NM US
5. Naperville, IL US
6. Kingwood, TX US
7. Stuttgart, DE DE
8. Warner Robins, GA US
9. Fort Leonard-Wood, MO US
10. Fort Polk, LA US
11. Fort Campbell, KY US
12. Wiesbaden, DE DE
13. Lakenheath, UK UK
14. Oswego, IL US

Start your new bookoo

You can volunteer to create and moderate a bookoo for your community, if you

  1. live there
  2. just gotta have it! (and there ain't one close by)

If you'd prefer not to start one, then you can always sign the petition for a new one.

1. Name the new site for your area:
at least 6 letters, all one word. for example:

2. What city, state/province is this for?

for example: mycity, new york

3. Enter your name and email address:

for example: John Doe

for example:

4. Enter your mailing address so we can send you some cards and decals to help you on your way:

5. Verify you're a living, breathing human being (and not a robot):

enter the black letters above:

6. Make the bookoo pledge:
I agree and commit to the bookoo Moderator Guidelines and Commitments (click here to view them in a new window)

7. Any other comments or thoughts you want to share with us? Tell us how excited you are for your very own bookoo!

Please send me a car decal to put on my back window. I love! (this is one of the best and easiest ways to spread the word about your community bookoo)

8. Click the big, green, magic button!

Once you've created your bookoo, we'll check and make sure a bookoo doesn't already exist in or close to your area. Ready? Click the magic button!